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Alaskan perennial plants and trees and shrubs make your home feel native to the last frontier. Blue poppies, bleeding hearts, and astible plants add the necessary color to complete any yard. Birch, crabapple, and aspen trees can also bring any landscape together. We only work with plants and trees that we'd install for ourselves. This means plants and trees that can survive the harsh Alaskan climate while improving the value of a property. We also carry the necessary outdoor accessories such as wood planters, pottery, and metal art to complete your look. We have over 20 years of landscaping and plant nursery experience. Check out our fully stocked garden center for all of your needs, including compost, planters, and topsoil. We are the nursery Anchorage turns to for creative guidance for a truly Alaskan yard.

We have a wide variety of hardy trees and shrubs suited for Alaska in the aspen, birch, chokecherry and crabapple families.

Our perennial selection features a variety of flowers, ground cover, ornamental grasses and plants that will return each year.

From topsoil to accessories and everything in between, we have a unique selection of hand-picked pottery, wood planters and metal art.

Our sister companies, American Landscaping & Ground Effects Landscaping, are widely known as the best landscaping companies in the Anchorage Region, and for good reason. We not only have an excellent selection of trees and shrubs, perennials, and garden accessories, we have low prices and great customer service. We take pride in establishing a relationship with our customers, and in offering everything they might need. To learn more about our selection, read on.