Trees and Shrubs

Make a Beautiful Statement with Trees and Shrubs

We offer a wide variety of trees and shrubs to our customers in the Anchorage area. All of our offerings are extremely hardy and able to survive year-round in the sometimes challenging Alaskan climate. Below is a list of our trees and shrubs, with a little info about each.


Amur Chokecherry

The Amur chokecherry is a small tree that produces fragrant white flowers. It grows to a maximum of 10 feet tall.



The birch is one of our most popular trees, as it is a lovely tree with light green leaves that grows to roughly 50 feet tall.


Canada Red Chokecherry

If you're looking for something a bit more unique, the Canada Red Chokecherry is a good pick. It has striking red leaves and grows to about 20 feet tall.


Columnar Aspen

The aspen is one of the most beautiful trees in the North American forests, and the columnar aspen is a popular domestic variety. It is not as wide as a wild aspen, making it easier to place in a residential landscape.


Dolgo Crabapple

The Dolgo crabapple is another one of our very unique offerings here at American Landscaping. It is a short, wide tree that often features a split trunk.


Radiant Crabapple

The Dolgo crabapple's cousin, the radiant crabapple is arguably the most beautiful tree we have on offer. It is of similar shape to the Dolgo crabapple in that it is short and wide, but it is a vibrant red color.